Friday, December 20, 2019

Savage Sonnet

Thought that you would like to see my  2016 Christmas card again. The first four lines referred to Trump, of course. The last two lines are, I hope, our future as a nation.

HE COULD have come at the head of a howling horde,
a mob of wrathful demons recruited to scour
the earth and ravage it with fire and sword
in a full-court press  to prove his might and power.
HE COULD have loosed the rivers, burned the sky,
melted mountains, destroyed the face of the moon,
have swept the planet clean, to purify
it for a New Creation, coming soon.
INSTEAD, he came as a child, a helpless babe
born in a stranger's stable on a death-cold night
with neither shield nor buckler nor armored plate
to defend himself in the battle he was to fight
    and win, as darkness always yields to light,
    as God prevails, and WRONG MUST YIELD TO RIGHT

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