Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wmson County Will LIE to YOU!

Hey-ho, whaddya know? Fio knows the Williamson County commissioners can't be trusted. Remember when she told you she'd trotted off to a law office and signed a paper saying the county could work on the culvert on her property? Remember when she was told--and it was written on the page that she signed--that only two trees would have to come down, and they were both cedars?

Well, somehow, that news never got around to the destruction crew, who showed up bright and early Tuesday morning and began chain-sawing. Fiorella could hear them from inside the house and planned to go out later and watch the progress, but was out of the house in a second when Elder son and wife came in from a trip to the grocery store and said the crew had taken down at least one oak and was starting on another.

Fueled by anger, she strode down the road to the dip, yelled "STOP!" in her most authoritive teacher voice, then, spotting the guy in charge, made a full arm gesture and commanded "COME HERE!" By then, Son, who is 6'3" and heavy built, had joined her, standing slightly behind her and to the side like a bodyguard and glaring at the crew. Remember, he had been with Fiorella when she signed the paper and was assured that only two cedars.... yada, yada, yada.

The man in charge of the crew called in and work, the county sent out THE GUY WHO HAD DRAWN UP THE CONTRACT and another man to apologize and bargain with Fio. They promised to cut up the fallen oak into firewood for her and deliver it to her doorstep, also to send out an arborist to try to heal the second oak, and not to cut the woods back any further than originally planned. Fiorella is also getting a load of wood chips.

But she's still angry. She was suckered and betrayed, and she'll spread the word fall and wide. If they screwed her over, they'll do it to everyone else too!

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