Monday, June 10, 2019

From Pharmacy to Poetry

What's going on with Walgreens Pharmacy, which seems to have lapsed into dissarary since the old crew was retired? You've already heard Fiorella's reports on the under-staffing and lack of accommodations for the handicapped, but now she's now she's heard about a communication problems with customers.She herself has had a prescription problem that she's throwing into her doctor's lap to handle, but a friend of her's is having a hard time being added to her husband's account. She was told that it would take a week,but instead of adding her to theaccount,Walgreen's announced it had updated the family's street address (where they've lived for thirty-four years). You'd think Walgreens, would welcome a new addition to the account-- the family pays its bills and has a good credit rating--so what's the problem?
If you want to know how to avoid being caught in a mass shooting, jot down Fio's every word. First, avoid all public gatherings--graduations, rallies, music performances,sporting events. and the like Second, never go shopping, even for food. Third, stay away from all places of worship. Four, don't attend any reunions or family get-togethers. Five, build yourself a hut on a mountain top and stay there for the rest of your life. Or work your tail off to get gun control!
Fio spent yesterday afternoon going through all her old poems that she could find, although there are probably plenty more floating around the universe and a fair number, mostly political, locked away in the archives of Facebook--not that anyone cares. Poetry, especially that which is rhythmed and rhymed, is passe nowadays.
Speaking of poetry, here's Fiorella's latest of-the-top-of-her-head  rhyme regarding you-know-who:
      Faker, faker, call the baker
      Roll him up in butcher paper
      Light the oven, close the door
      Cook him twice and then some more
One of Fio's few blank verse poems, written many, many years ago:
      Dreams are like bubbles
      That floats ever upward
      Until they burst
      And as they shatter
      My heart shatters too

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