Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Husband, Grandfather, Husband

Fiorella thought she had lost the drone she bought Husband for Christmas and posted online that it must have flown off on its own of gotten mixed in with the laundry. The latter came to her strange and wonderful mind because it was so preposterous. In the meantime, she was frantically searching the house, the cars, and the the trash cans for the delinquent , finally giving up. Two days later she gave up and turning her attention to clearing the pile-up of clothes on her side of the bathroom. You you guessed it--there, in the center of the laundry pile, sat the drone.
Mother frequently quoted her grandfather as saying "Feed your animals first and they will feed you." Obviously Fio's ancestry is not of the aristocratic variety.
With Husband in the hospital, the house is unusually silent, which Fiorella enjoys to a certain extent, but she admits to turning TV on to a low volume every evening so she and Sonia Dog have some company.

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