Thursday, January 3, 2019


Fiorella's husband died last night, which caught her by surprise. There had been so many midnight dashes to the ER that she thought he was invincible. Yes, it was penumonia, but apparently, that was only a symptom. The cold virus, the lupus coating his lungs, COPD, and associated health problems were what did him in.

As you can tell, Fio hasn't fully processed the stiuation. Husband spent so much time in hospitals this year that she grew accustomed to being alone, but this time, there will be no one to welcome home.

The doctor and nurses were sympathetic, the kids have rallied around, and our neighbor totally rebuilt the garage door for us--or rather, for me. There isn't any us anymore.

Now to contact the church and hope our old pastor will be able to handle the service. Then Fio has to go through all the desk drawers and find all the documents she and Husband signed so many years ago. She also has to reconsider her budget. As she understands it, she will only receive half of Husband's Social Security check.

Wish Fio well. She's trodding into unfamiliar territory.

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