Thursday, January 31, 2019

Firewood Rings

If you took a walk around Fiorella's circular driveway, you'd notice a stand of iron firewood rings on the other side of it, anillos grandes filled to capacity against la clima invernal.  Husband and Yardman supplied the bigger stuff and Fiorella specialized in the twigs, small branches, and trash wood, which are vital for starting un fuego en la chimenea. The scene is quite picturesque, but if Fio had seconds, she'd move the firewood into a shed at the back of the house, where it could be kept drier and be more accessible. In other words, instead of having to be lugged in through the front room and dining room to the fireplace in the den, the wood could come in through the den door.
But how did you get the idea of putting firewood rings in front of the house in the first place, Fio?
I saw one in front of Red Lobster  fifteen years ago. It was absolutely charming. Of course, the logs--all the same size--were stripped of their bark and had probably been dipped in lye, but never having never lived in the country before, I had stars in my eyes and bats in my belfry. 
Whatever. Right now, Fiorella has no choice but to make the best of it, which means she's stuck with toting firewood through the front room and dining room to the den, all the time trailing bark, twigs, and leaves behind her. The firewood rings may not be worth it, but the fires are.

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