Friday, August 10, 2018


Fiorella is finally pulling herself together. The let-down from leaving the fun and jollities in Ohio, the desperation of of almost losing a flight in the airport, the frustration of trying to learn the new cell phone, the exhaustion from everything--they had all worn Fio down. Then there was the sinking back into the patterns at home. After taking Husband to his doctor's appointment, then driving down Round Rock on a fool's errand, then getting caught in a long line-up from a wreck down the highway, then making H-E-B $100 richer, Fio came home and collapsed.

But Husband and Doggie are now upstairs asleep, Fiorella has sorted out the last of her travel detritus (even finding her charge cord and plug-in), and her to-do list is sitting beside her on the couch. Tomorrow is another day

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