Friday, August 3, 2018

Back Story

The second day of Fio’s adventure was not that great so she’ll regale you with more of her canned comments:

Fiorella has noticed that her baby brother’s mustache is graying.  One of her friends is planning a facelift. Another one is suddenly a grandmother. Everyone is getting older—except for Fio, of course. (Although she will admit she is pathetically grateful to any young squirt who admits he’s forgotten something.)
How do you know you’re all grown up? Stage 1: Teenager supermarket clerks quit hitting on you. Stage 2: They address you as “ma’am.” Stage 3:They start hitting on your daughter.
Fiorella wants to be cloned so she can do all the things she wishes she had done when she was younger. But she wants to keep the experience she has now—it’s been hard won.

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