Monday, August 20, 2018

Phone, Politics, Cricket, Poem, Trump, Omarosa

It's go-in-and-out-the-window with Fiorella's new cell phone. She keeps losing it and finding it again. And then there's that she can't reach Facebook or her email with it--or text. The nice lady at the Verizon store almost had things working right, but whoever is sitting at the central control panel won't believe Fio is who whe says she is. Tell her again about how IT is supposed to make her life easier.
Fiorella never thought she'd hear herself say this, but hooray for Omarosa!
There's a Jiminy Cricket who moves around the bottom floor singing Fio to sleep each night. When and how he got in the house, Fio will never know.
Fio's new poem in her children's crusade:
As Trump and company rest their heads
On silken sheets and golden beds
The children wonder if there will be
Ever a day when they are free
Fiorella has suddenly realized Chase Bank is past due on the $319.05 it owes her, and she's considering a big stink.

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