Friday, August 24, 2018

IT, Religious Bigotry, Politics, Book

One up, two downs. Jaime at Verizon got Fiorella fixed up so she can text now, but Gmail has forced an unnerving new format on her, and she can't figure out how to retrieve an icon that accidentally got sucked into another icon.
Fio has never been called a religious bigot before, and it sort of amuses her. When a friend commented on FB about the possibility of Pence being our new president sooner rather than later and said he seemed to be an okay guy, Fio replied by calling him out as a religious nut, an appropriate identification, she thinks, for someone who has informed people that Jesus personally tells him what to say. But another of her friend's FB followers took umbridge and labeled Fior a religious bigot. Fiorella Plum, the little Lutheran girl who placed first in her catechism class and prays for everyone she knows and the whole world every night.
These political times, they are exciting, but Fio gets bored with all the talking heads yakking about what may or may not happen next, so she flees outside or to her office , where she has been able to get an amazing amount of work done lately. That third book may come out after all.

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