Saturday, August 4, 2018

Ohio Happy

Fiorella woke up feeling WONDERFUL today because yesterday was a GREAT day. She made contact with both sides of her family and set up dates and places to meet, she and Daughter drove around and did a little shopping, and in the afternoon, they met up with her father's side of the family, Every dang one of her cousins was in attendance at the reunion, and they all acted glad to see her. In fact, she was the belle of the ball.

Something you must know about her cousins. They are all outrageous and all a lot of fun. They are also good people, and Fio loves them very much.

Fio also loves being in Ohio again--the tall trees, the green grass, the houses built to withstand winter weather, the friendliness (which overwhelmed Daughter), the way her seven-year-old subconsience recognized places. And today she'll meet with her paternal cousins again, annd tomorrow, she'll meet up with her one remaining cousin on her mother's side of the family, who is treating Fio and Daughter to dinner at Rosa Villa, which Fio has vivid memories of from childhood.

Happiness is being in Ohio again.

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