Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Smart Man!

It's supposedly just come out that Kim Jong Un speaks--or at least understands--English, but Fiorella wants to remind you that she posted that infomation either here or on FB a while back. How did she know? Because years ago, she'd read that he was schooled in Switzerland under an assumed name, and she knew a European education meant that he'd picked up a couple of languages there, including English because that's the world's power language. Or at least it was.
Fio knows Trump wants the conference to be guy-to-guy, apparently with no one else in the room, but she doubts that's a-gonna happen. KJU will want his killer squad around to keep him safe,which means that Trump will have to come equipped with his own squad.
When you get right down to it. KJU is the winner. Trump has elevated him from being a world pariah to being someone who has munipulated "the leader of the free world" into giving him equal standing. 

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