Monday, June 11, 2018

How It All Begins

Fiorella is working with friend Patricia on a murder mystery, probably a five-book series, and here's a selection from it:

The corpse, an awkward lump zipped into a white body bag, was wheeled out of the building under the gawking eyes of the students sitting at table in the study area outside the lab.

Rex Mackenzie identified with both their horror and their curiosity. Once he had been like that, a kid fascinated by the unelievability of death. And now he saw too much of it because that's what homicide invetsigators did--check out death scenes. Not all the time, of course. With XXX years on the force, he had plenty of assaults, thefts, and rapes under his belt too, but murder was his specialty. It didn't horrify him as much as it used to, but he still didn't understand the deliberate taking of another person's life. And never would.

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