Thursday, June 7, 2018

Memories, Weather, Handwriting

Again, Fio got too mouthy and used up way too much material yesterday, but she couldn't help it. All this delving into her past lives is stirring up emotional memories. But onward to the future--she has to set to work on her books now.
The weather has been ghastly lately, with promises of record-breakers to come. Georgetown has limited outside watering to twice a week so we'll have to keep an eye on our plants in case they need extra help. Fio is a little under the weather too. She was not born for a climate like this.
Going through her old stuff, Fiorella is quite pleased to see what a smooth, beautiful handwriting she once had. She still does pretty well, but there's no need for it now because everything is tapped into a computer. Fio remembers fighting the idea of students using computers in school way back when, but obviously, she was on the losing side.

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