Sunday, January 21, 2018


Since no women's march had been sheduled for Georgetown, Fiorella decided to make herself a sign (WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL) and march around the county courthouse solo. And she did.

It was so scary at first--especially since her mother's voice kept whispering in her ear not to make a spectacle of herself--that  she felt obliged to explain to whomever looked her way that she was a one-woman march. But after she survived the first round, she decided to do another one for exercise. And a third one. The thrill of the day was when a young couple spotted her from across the street and hurried over to find out what her sign was about.

All in all, Fio went home satisfied. She'd done what was right and maybe she'd drawn some attention to her cause. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

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Jan Hudson said...

Good for you!