Saturday, January 6, 2018

Down with the Clown!

Fio had trouble going to sleep last night because the latest Trump melodrama kept rolling through her head so she grabbed her yellow tablet and, in the dim light from the porch outside the window,  wrote six untrammeled pages.The notes are going to be hard to decipher, but Fio bets she'll find fodder for at least two political poems, several blog entries, and a clever acrostic in there.
Fio has said all along that everyone is the White House is probably taking notes for his own tell-all book, but she didn't expect anything as delicious as Fire and Fury. And she would never have predicted that Bannon would commit Trumpian suicide.
Fio has read that Anthony Scaramucci, sycophantic lap dog that he is, has responded to the book by denying it and lavishing praise on Trump and his intellect. Probably angling to replace Sessions.

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