Thursday, January 4, 2018

Health and Happiness

Give Fiorella a pat on the back. Even though she was sick, sick, sick this past week, she never missed putting up a daily post. Actually, being under the weather was interesting in a strange sort of way. Fio never had a fever, but her energy went south. She'd stare at her lista amarilla, figure out a couple of simple, easy things to do, then let everything else go hang. And it was a good thing she did because her brain and handwriting had gone south. All she wanted to do was sleep.
Fio's drive into town to make a bank deposit was a many-splendered thing. Not only did she make  her deposit, but she picked up chocolate-chip cookies from Starbucks, dropped by the post office to mail a pack of bills she was paying, and stopped at el buzon at the head of la entra de las coches to get su correo.
People were so kind to Fio when she was out today. They held the door for her and gave her the right- of-way when she needed to make a turn into the shopping center. Inside the bank, she was greeted by name by the cashier and waved at by one of her bankers. Her two favorite Starbucks baristas also remembered her by name. By the time Fio got home, she was glowing.

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