Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Obituary, Emergency, Hatred

Today is the day that Fiorella will run off her posts for the year past, adding another loose-leaf notebook to her stack. Her ultimate intention is to get each year photocopied and passed out to the family to remember her by. And, by the way, her current obituary is "Fiorella Plum was an artist, a writer, a linguist, a teacher, a wife, a mother, and a friend. She led a full life and wishes everyone well."
With a prayer in her heart, Fiorella pulled to the side of the road as an emergency vehicle screamed out of its station and edged its way into traffic, then turned off into a down-at-the-heels neighborhood. A couple of miles further on, another emergency vehicle, its siren at full blast, passed by her and turned into another low-income neighborhood. And, of course, Fio was moved to tears. How wonderful to live in a community that cares about its residents, no matter their economic circumstances.
If haters were able to destroy everyone of a different shade of skin than theirs, they'd then turn on anyone with a different color of hair, or eye color, or nose shape, or ear size, or height, or weight, or facial expression, or tone of voice. Hate can never be satiated.

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