Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pluses and Minuses

Disaster has struck Fiorella's cell phone. For some reason known only to itself--Jay, the Verizon guy couldn't begin to figure what was going on--the camera went black with white lattices. Jay told Fio that her pictures were safe in the cloud, but didn't tell her how she could obtain them. Fio has put out an SOS on FB, but so far, no takers.

On the plus side, Fiorella seems to have finally recovered from the Gunk. Yes, she knows she's been saying that for about a week now, but this time, it's for real...she hopes.

Another minus is Fio's baby car, which has been in the shop for a week now. The key got stuck in the ignition, which aparently means that the aforementioned ignition is giving up the ghost. What it will cost to replace the ignition is another minus.

Fio will try to be more jolly tomorrow.

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