Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Late Night Notes

Husband and I are even-steven when it comes to dental work. His parents paid for the braces that closed the gap between my two front teeth, and I used a chunk of the inheritance my father left me to pay for caps for his disintegrating teeth.
 Okay, Fio will tell you what she wrote on to a Trumper on FB la couple of nights ago: DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SUPPORT SOMEONE WHOSE IDEA OF STATESMANSHIP IS WAGGLING HIS PENIS AT NORTH KOREA? And in the bright light of day, she stands by her every word.
Fio, a born lone wolf, has always had it in the back of her head that if she produced good art, wrote good stories, composed good music, and did good things, she would be recognized and successful. In her dotage, she has realized that recognition and success are based on making "the right" connections. The rest is gone with the wind.

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