Saturday, July 22, 2017

Who Is Fiorella?

Who is Fiorella, that all her swains commend her? 

Well, Fio isn't too sure about the swains, but she is all too eager to tell you who she is because, first of all, she's analytical, which means she's always trying to figure herself out--and everyone else.

Second, she's as creative as they come, not just as a writer and an artist, but also when it comes to problem-solving. If you ever want a wacko solution, check in with Fio.

Third, her goal as a college student was to learn every language in the world, and it still is.

Fourth, she's dramatic--the world is her stage.

Fifth, she has an easily-ignited irreverent sense of humor, as you may have already figured out.

Sixth, she's high energy and always wants to be DOING something. Not things like whacking a tennis ball back and forth, which she considers to be a waste of time (precious time, of whch there is so little), but projects which would make her world, her family's world, and everyone's world a better place.

Seventh she has always attracted a following and is intensely loyal to her friends, but loves everyone, even the people she dislikes.

Eighth, she is always praying God for help and sending up paeans of gratitude, but she also talks to animals, rocks, her car, and all other beings because everything has a soul.

Ninth, sometimes her life falls apart and she collapses like a deflated balloon, but so far, she's always fought through and survived.

Fio's sense of balance tells her there should be another characteristic that will bring the list up to an even ten, but she's run out of steam. See you tomorrow!

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