Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Not Fio's Day

Fiorella thought she had her day all laid out, but it went to pieces on her once she got to Austin. Her doctor's parking garage was dark as a dungeon, and it was hard to find a space for her Miata what with all the ocean liners squatting in the spaces marked compact. She was finally able to shoehorn herself into a narrow space between two SUVs, but then came the voyage to the medical building while toting a tote weighed down with her computadora, her bolsa, her celular, and her lista amarilla. She rode up to the third floor and trudged down the hall to the doctor's office, slung her tote on the counter and announced herself to the nurse.

Shock. Her appointment was until the afternoon. How had Fio messed up this appt for the second time arround. Are they gaslighting her?  No, Fio. Face it. You wrote down the the wrong date in su calendario.

Nothing to do but set up an appt for next week, reshoulder her tote and stagger back to the parking garage. Getting out was a lot easier than getting in. But what could she do with her time? She had to be back in Gtown for an INR appt at 1:00, but she didn't want to be half an hour early and sit  in the cardiologist's office twiddling her thumbs. Nothing to do but find a Starbucks in Austin and write a little. Of course, she had to purchase something to rent a table, though. No problem--she loves Starbucks' chocolate chip cookies. The day was saved!

Except that Starbucks was out of chocolate chip cookies. All she could do was indulge herself in a cup of milk.

Some days, you just can't win for losing.

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