Thursday, July 27, 2017

Computer, Television, Weather

What happened? Fiorella had written out a full blog and suddenly it disappeared--apparently her left hand had drifted over the keys in some  inappropriate manner. It figures. The computer has a habit of doing Fio dirty. For instance, the pictures of Baby that Son posted on her timeline weren't able to be seen by anyone but her, and everyone knows that the main reason for posting baby pictures is to collect "likes" and "aws" from friends whose baby pictures you've been "liking" and "awing" for years.
Fiorella remembers a time when when lawyers weren't advertised on television. And neither were doctors, or medicines with long lists of warnings attached, or women's sanitary supplies. How quaint that must seem to her children.
Fio had wonderful visits with friend Paula and friend Joan in Austin yesterday, but the day was very hot (103+ degrees) and she wilted all the way back to Georgetown, then was out of commission all evening. Fiorella is not made for Texas summers.

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