Monday, July 24, 2017

Trump Opera

I've been thinking about my Trump tragi-comedy opera. It should start on election day, I think, and Donald should be pacing and singing about the campaign and how wonderful he is, and all the nasty things he's going to say when Hillary wins. ("When Hillary Cheats Her Way Into the White House") Of course, he pauses from time to time to post venomous tweets. (Note to self--use actual tweets---which rhymes with "cheats" and "beats") The results start coming in, but he refuses to watch them, singing about what a winner he is. "I'm winning if I say I am!" When he finally faces the board and sees that he's won, He turns to the audience with shock on his face and says. "What do I do now?"

Fast forward to Inauguration Day, the poor turn-out, and his insistence of the opposite. ("Opposite" aria?) The Women's March, the protests, etc. Arrogance grows, more and more in la-la land. Staff comes and goes. Russians, (Russian chorus?).  Melania floats in and out, a mystery figure. The Trump family is a constant chorus. Maybe the White House (Mar-a-Lago?) is stormed. Not a pretty ending.

And that is as far as Fio's gottten. Is Rossini still available?

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