Friday, July 28, 2017

Overcoming Adversity on a Hot Day

Fiorella is running late today because her computer disowned her this morning. She could open it up, but couldn't reach any of her sites, so she packed her computadora in her leather tote along with the cell phone that wouldn't let her post on Facebook and drove off to Click. Of course, her computer behaved perfectly when she tried to show Travis the problem so she packed up and drove over to the Verizon store, where Tison switched her cell phone out of "flight" mode (embarrassment), and taught her how to say "Good morning" in his particular Nigerian language. After depositing a check at her bank and picking up six boxes of Shredded Wheat at Target, she started home.

It was hot and still. Even with the AC on, Fio was sweating like the proverbial pig. When she got home, she collapsed on the sofa, then drank a lot of water, changed into shorts, and opened up her computer. She still couldn't reach any of her sites.

But Travis had warned her this might happen, that the source of the problem might be other electronics in the room, so she moved into the front room to test his theory out. Bingo! And that's why Fio is able to communicate with you today.

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