Thursday, March 23, 2017


When the speed limit is 70mph and you are busting down the highway at 80mph and you're still being passed by every car on the road, when you have such extreme claustrophobia that you can't take an MRI without being knocked out cold and a concrete highway wall is hugging your left side, when your baby car is is suddenly surrounded on three sides by trucks as tall as skyscrapers--then you have experienced what Fiorella did when she was driving into Austin yesterday to meet with friend Evelyn at Starbucks.
Yes, Fiorella has finally figured out how to download photos onto her blog. It was by accident, of course, as all great discoveries are made. After she had posted a baby picture onto her Facebook timeline, she wondered if she could copy a pic from there and put it onto her blog. What the heck--might as well try. AND IT WORKED--expect to see more illustrated Fio in the future. Now to look for other problems Fio can solve just by fooling around with them.
Fiorella and son are planning to display examples of their art in the church art show this year, the one she bombed last year. It should be--uh--interesting.

PS: Think kind thoughts toward Fio. She's driving into Austn again this morning to get her false vocal chords shot up with botox, the only known way to combat essential tremor.

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