Friday, March 3, 2017

Another Adventure

Fiorella has been exploring the property again lately. A couple of days ago, she took a break from rocking the north side of the driveway to wander further into a the woods and found a charming dell her yardman had obviously mowed. Further on down, she came across the northside dry creek and lifted some rocks out of it to add to her cart. The whole time she was very cautious because she'd taken a bad fall when she was exploring the southside dry creek last week. It's an area she wasn't familiar with, and she lost her footing, ending up on her back and unable to pull herself, so she had to  scoot a couple of yards on her bottom to the fence line and haul herself up on an iron pole.

Fio likes a challenge, but this one was scary. She lives in rattlesnake country.

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