Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tax Time Insanity

It took Fio about thirty minutes to reach TRS for insurance premium information, partially because her land line was acting up and partially because her cell doesn't like operating in the boondocks, but she finally got through and a nice lady said she would mail Fio the info ASAP. Fiorella was feeling quite satisfied with herself until her cell started jangling at her and she got so flustered that she dropped the call, but not before she had seen it was from TRS. Fio tried to call back, but it was apparently at the same time the nice lady was trying to call back, which set up quite a cacphony. Finally Fio made it through to TRS again and another nice lady found her first nice lady, who told Fio that her premiums are with ERS, not TRS, so Fio handed the whole scene over to Husband, who has the ERS account, and he spent an hour trying to reach ERS, then trying to get into his account before he gave up till Monday.

And this is the sort of experience that drives Fiorella crazy about taxes.

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