Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sweet Hope

Has Fio told you about her second visit to Papi's Pies? It was a week or two later than she meant it to be, but last Saturday, she and Husband took off for Round Rock and had a lovely dessert lunch. Husband, of course, ventured into quiche florentine and flan while Fio put in an unimaginative order for croissants and chocolate cake.  The food was yummy great, of course, but what was going on across from Fio and Husband was even sweeter. Six of the most voluble people Fio has ever heard were crowded around one table figuring out whom they could hit up for funding a Hispanic arts program and how to go about it. They were all so committed, so emotional, so inspiring, that when Fio and Husband got up to leave, your girl walked over to their table, told them she had heard their every word and was thrilled that there were still such wonderful people in the world. Then she burst into tears, they hugged her, she hugged them, and everyone cried, even the guy who told her she had taken the last piece of chocolate cake which he himself had had his eye on.

Fio is still uplifted by the experience. With people like that on our side, we shall overcome.

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