Monday, March 31, 2014

Three More Snippets

Fiorella has a new theory about that still-missing Malaysian plane. She thinks it was drawn into another dimension, that the passengers are seed stock for a new world.  Maybe that's what happened to Amelia Earhart too.  (Anyone who wants to use that plot is welcome so to do.)
Fio loves the intensely chocolate cookies that can usually only be found at the Leander HEB--which is the reason she doesn't go there very often.
Now for a day totally devoted to revisions. It's embarrassing, but Fio has discovered a couple more holes in her book that she needs to patch up. And, by the way, please notice that what she was calling a "manuscript" when she was submitting it to agents, and a "story" when her agent was submitting it to publishers, she is now calling a "book."

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