Monday, March 3, 2014


For the second time, Fiorella had her purse stolen in HEB on Williams Drive.

She and Husband were shopping, and the basket changed hands a couple of times, but as they headed toward paper towels at the far side of the store, Fio (as is her habit) glanced down at the small top basket where she always keeps her purse.  It was missing.  Three years ago, she was careless in changing to a different basket, but this time no other basket had been involved.

Alarmed out of her mind, she rushed to the front of the store for help.  As she was led into the manager's office, she called out to the rest of the store: "My purse has been stolen and yours may be next!  Watch out!"

She ended up at the service desk, trying to remember what her very unique purse looked like and what it had in it.  She glanced across at another line--a woman was holding her purse!  The woman said that a lady had found it in her basket and asked her to turn it in.

Fiorella thinks that after she yelled out, somebody didn't want to be caught with a hot purse.

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