Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lenten Sacrifice

Happy Ash Wednesday.  Fio loves the drama of the ashes, although she hasn't given up anything for Lent in years.  Tomorrow, she'll start off her morning by wishing Nephew Aaron a happy birthday and suggesting a celebratory dinner with him at Frisco, then she'll send a silent birthday greeting to her father, who dines with the angels.  Traveling into Austin, she'll meet with Friend Paula before church and Friend Sharon afterwards, later dropping by Son-in-Law's place to pick up some things she is mailing for Daughter.  After that she will deliver her tax stuff to CPA Blake W.  Yes--she'll leave the house at about 9:45 and return home about 4:30. It's her day out, but not her day off.

Maybe it's time she's giving up this year.  Hours and hours of it.

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