Thursday, March 27, 2014


Looks like it will be a good spring.  Fiorella spotted several promising patches of bluebonnets on the side of I-35 as she drove home from Austin yesterday.
Can't help but notice that Harry and Perry are hard at work changing their images.  The Playboy Prince is metamorphosing into a tough, caring, responsible leader of a group of handicapped veterans engaged in an antarctic venture, and Governor Pointy-boots, now wearing Clark Kent glasses and costumed as a high-level executive, is looking like a top contender for the GOP presidential nomination.
Speaking of changes, Fiorella was finally able to complete one of those new-fangled crossword puzzles in the Statesman the other day.  The secret is to first review the whole puzzle and fill in the obvious words, then look for the cutesy theme for the day and take it from there.

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Jan Hudson said...

I've been able to work a few, too. I was even able to get Frick and Frack the other day. I have a friend who was in the Ice Follies in her younger yrs & she responded immediately w/names of comedians of the ice. (I'd already solved it before I asked.)
I understand there has been a HUGE outcry about the puzzles.