Sunday, March 9, 2014

People Puppies

Sonya Dog is becoming accustomed to high-pitched voices and little beings who dart unexpectedly hither and thither.  Becoming accustomed at a distance, that is.

Remember how Fiorella lamented the lack of a rent-a-kid business that she would patronize in order to teach Sonya about children?  Well, the new neighbors across the street have supplied her need.  They have two active boys, about eight and eleven, both in constant motion.  The older one shoots baskets when he isn't zooming his motorized bike all around the property  The younger one recently hosted a birthday party--about ten of those little beings with high-pitched voices darting up and down the driveway.

Sonya quivered in fear and excitement, but she didn't bark at them, which is a good sign.  After all, she's become inured to the rude dogs next door who hurl themselves against the fence in a vain effort to tear her throat out.  Surely she will eventually be able to deal with people puppies.

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