Sunday, February 24, 2013

Travelin' Man

Fiorella is fascinated, as she is by many things, by the saga of the Kennewick Man, whose 9,300 year-old skeleton was discovered in the bank of the Columbia River in 1996.  It seems, judging by his diet and the shape of his skull, he didn't come from the inland valley where his remains were found, but from the coast.  And he was more closely relate to the Japanese Ainu than modern-day Native Americans.

Interesting, interesting.  To Fio, that means that even way back when, there was a whole lot of travelin' goin' on.  In fact, probably more than today because people had to follow their food.  And then there were always those dangerous-looking new neighbors to avoid.  Besides, it musta been exciting to  pick up and move to a new place.

And Kennewick Man was one of those who REALLY got around..

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