Monday, February 18, 2013

Slipping Sideways

I'm still living in the same house, still loving the same family, and still working for the same company, which the mortgage, the pictures on the wall, and my pay stubs indicate I've been doing for years, but I have a feeling that things have changed a lot since that asteroid swooped by us last week.  It's weird because, as far as I know, Prince William is still married to Duchess Pippa, and Mitt Romney is still president of the American Commonwealth.

Odd, though.  When I caught a ride on a hansom cab to the vacuum tube transportation station this morning, I noticed its see-screen wasn't working and I had  this flash of memory---didn't we used to have a similar device that used electricity rather than batteries--tell-vision or something?

See?  That's the sort of thing I mean.  Am I crazy or what?

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