Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paper Trail

Fiorella's father brought home used paper from work for her to draw on when she was a pre-schooler.  In kindergarten, Mrs. Ruebright showed her how to make hats and Christmas chains and valentines and animal faces out of paper.  Somewhere along the line, her daddy taught her how to construct a paper kite and fold a paper boat. Later, Fiorella used paper to record her poems, stories, and musical compositions.  Even in the age of computers, she's still looking for paper--reams and reams of it for her romances.

But the forerunner of it all was the paper to draw on because art was Fio's first and most basic talent.

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Anonymous said...

How then do you explain your writing? How did your box-ends of paper show about this talent that most of us read every day. Writing is you great talent.

Look, you live in the Austin area, right? Let's meet for coffee and talk about it.