Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Hear1

I know--Fio's running late.  She didn't wake up till eight, then had the dogs to take care of and a bunch of Jacquie Lawson cards to send to friends and relatives (and actually, still more to go when she finishes this blog).  Next will come reading the paper while she eats breakfast--Fio is a multi-tasker--and working on Honeysuckle Dreams, a title she has come to hate.

After that, she'll drive into Austin to meet with Friend Paula at Dan's, shop for dinner at Central Market, and rush home to throw herself into a thousand and one other projects.  Laundry and the Golden Heart judging are most pressing, but she also needs to work through the three layers of stuff that has taken up residence on her dining room table:  the framing of Son's painting, the completion of the photo album from her August anniversary celebration, and her proposed new design for the north planting bed.  Then there's the stack of her own paintings on her upstairs art table that she's wanted to touch up for about a year.  And in her spare time, she needs to take down more of the cedar on the edge of the driveway, and maybe even get in touch with Friend Deborah to get her highlights renewed.  And has she mentioned her idea for rearranging the den?

Oops, it's 10:00 already and Fio has to leave at 10:30.  Just enough time to wish you, each and every one HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

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