Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweeping Clean

Fio, once the poster child for "How pretty/interesting/charming--I want it!" has turned utilitarian.  Anything in the house that isn't useful must go.

All that wedding silver is on its way out.  In the first place, Fio rarely uses any of it and has never used most of it.  In the second place, when Fio and Husband tried to shine up the whole kit and caboodle a couple of years ago, they got overenthusiastic and ruined some of it.  In the third place, it's plate and not worth much as far as our children's inheritances go.

Much of Fio's wardrobe, which goes back thirty years, also has to go. Then there are the books, the paperbacks which she now can't believe she ever read, much less adored.  And all the music books for which Fio would like to find a good home now that her voice can no longer handle Mozart.

Her collection of ceramic dogs and miniature elephants will remain, of course.  After all, dogs are faithful and elephants never forget.


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