Friday, February 22, 2013

The Life of Leisure

Fiorella had an interesting day yesterday. You know what that means--hell on wheels.  She left about 9:30 in the morning to drive to a nearby shopping center to 1) get copies made of some family photos, and 2) buy new towels for the master bathroom, and 3) replenish the dog treats, then drove into Austin to 1) confront her neurologist's office about her folder being lost, 2) visit a friend who's recovering from hip surgery, 3) have lunch with Friend Paula, and 4) pick up produce at Central Market.  When she reached Georgetown, she returned to the shopping center because she'd suddenly realized she hadn't bought any hand towels--turned out there weren't any to match the other towels she'd bought so she had to mix and match.  Reached home just before four and sent the next hour unloading, calming the hysterical dogs, catching up with emails and telephone calls.

After husband came home--and after he and Fio took out the garbage--she headed off to Friend Suzy's house in Sun City, thinking it would be easy to find.  Wrongo!  Sun City is not laid out on a grid, but in pods, and the only reason Fio finally found Suzy's house was that a nice lady who was taking out her garbage (can't go wrong with someone who is taking out garbage) hopped in her car and showed Fio the way.  Meanwhile it was getting darker and darker, and, as it turned out, Suzy was not at home.  Fio slipped the manuscript her friend had generously agreed to review behind a stone rabbit on her porch, then tried to find her own way out of the pod monster.

After twice around Suzy's loop, Fio found a way out, then turned onto any street that seemed to be well-traveled, but when the street got too dark, she knew she'd turned wrong and went back to a gas station-convenience store combination where a nice young man with a boom-box car (what was he doing in Sun City?) pointed her in the right direction.  She arrived home about eight, an hour later than she'd promised.

Suzy called ten minutes later--she'd had a similar day and had been late getting home, but she found the manuscript so all is well.   All is well.

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