Friday, June 29, 2012

Updating Luann

Whoa--where is Luann going?  She and Quill are alone in the house, sitting on her bed, obviously considering--uh--using the bed.

Now, we already know that Toni and Brad are doing the deed, but they're older and more experienced while Luann and Quill are still in high school, both perennually sixteen.   One can only hope they decide to get off the bed and start singing before her parents traipse through the door at an inopportune moment, as would assuredly happen.

Luann is the obvious heiress to For Better or Worse, which also boldly went where no cartoonist had gone before in portraying modern sexual mores.  Remember that Elizabeth moved in with her college boyfriend, and before that her little sister and a high school boyfriend drank a bottle of wine and would have done it except for some interruption Fio can't quite remember.  And there were veiled references to promiscuous sexual activities of one of little sister's friends, the one who became a rock star.

What next?  Will TJ turn out to be gay?

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