Saturday, June 30, 2012

Slandering of Michelle Obama

One of the most disgusting political ploys on the market--actually, usually on anonymous email--is the slandering of Michelle Obama.  Fio doesn't care what you think of a President's politics, but DON'T SLIME HIS WIFE OR CHILDREN.

The attacks on Mrs. Obama have been particularly nasty and virulent.   For instance, that she spends too much money on clothes.  Now, the Obamas can spend their own money any way they want, but Fio would bet that Michelle's wardrobe is a whole lot less expensive than Nancy Reagan's was--you never read about ol' Nance buying off the rack.  Second, that she's bloated her personal staff, which has been contradicted by PolitiFact's research.  Third, she said something snarky about the red, white, and blue, as supposedly lip-read by experts.  In fact, real experts who were contacted by PolitiFact read her as saying something quite different, that it was interesting how the flag was folded..

But politics is politics, dirty tricks is the name of the game, people will believe what they want to believe, and adversaries who have no real arguments fall back on ad hominem.

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