Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sports Lawsuits

Roger Clemens was found not guilty, and Barry Bonds was convicted of  just one count of obstruction of justice.  Can Lance Armstrong be far behind?

Fiorella is not a sports fan and couldn't care less, but she thinks that prosecuting athletes for supposed use of performance-enhancing drugs is useless.  She also suspects most of the drugs are useless, that their major effect is psychological--except for steroids, of course, which ruin the user's health and well-being, thus creating their own rewards. 

Leave off the frivolous prosecution of athletes,  Even if some exotic blood transfusion does cause someone to perform a teeny bit better, who's to say everyone else isn't using it too?  All sorts of things might help an athlete get an edge.  Might as well outlaw lucky clovers and rabbits' feet. 

Now, sodomizing boys in the shower room, that's a different matter.

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