Monday, June 18, 2012

Far Flung Snippets

At the same time that Romney is sucking up to the tea party by speaking against gay marriage , he lambastes Obama for proffering amnesty to foreign-born children who've grown up in the United States, saying it was done out of political motives.  Let's face  it. In an election year, they're both pulling out the heavy artillery,  But are they saying/doing these things in order to get elected/re-elected?  Or are they trying to get elected/re-elected to further these causes?  As Shakespeare would say, that is the question.
The phone that's supposed to be in the den is missing.  So is one of my beige, soft-soled Mary Janes.  I think they eloped.
Sonya is sound asleep at my feet.  That won't last long when Husband discovers she's munched on his mouse.

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