Monday, April 23, 2012

Petty Patterns

Fiorella can't help but notice patterns. That's why she's fascinated by languages and went into linguistics.  But there are patterns in her personal life too.  For instance, her three children's birthdays are 69 days apart.   Also, their former neighbor's name was the same as Fio's second son, the neighbor's older son's name was the male form of Fio's daughter's name, and the neighbor's other son had the same name as Fio's oldest son.  Also, after getting married, Fiorella and Husband first lived at a three-number address, then moved to a four-number address, then to a five-number address, then to a four-number address, and are now at a three-number address again.  It's like a full circle. To top it off, they started out on a street with "East" in its name, then moved to one with "Park" in its name, then to one with "North" in its name, then to one with "Park" in its name again.  She fully expected the next street, the one they live on now, to be "West" or "South" something, but instead, its "Lost."

Is that meaningful?

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