Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mud Pie

Fiorella woke up yesterday morning feeling bad.  She'd had a good night's sleep, but every part of her body ached.  To make it worse, she looked out the window midmorning and saw that Sonia had discovered a big mud puddle in the back yard and was enjoying it hugely--leaping and capering and rolling around in it--the same mud puddle and the same performance Fio and Husband had witnessed the day before.  How could they have been so stupid as to not somehow fence off the wallow?

But that day Fio had Husband to help with Sonia's hose bath and dry off.  Yesterday Fio was on her own, and it was a battle royale because Sonia liked her mud.  Fio ended up removing a fair amount of it, but more of ended up on her than on the towels.  Yes, Fiorella was a mess.

And she was expecting a call from her prospective agent at 2:00.  Good thing it wasn't on Skype.

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