Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bullying, Part I

Bullying--everyone else is talking about it, so I guess Fiorella should. But the plain truth is that Fio isn't quite sure what the word means. It's being applied to everything from kindergarten name-calling to murder.

In Fiorella's ideal world, everyone would be nice to each other, but that world doesn't exist. Fio would bet that even Mother Teresa had her days.

But, Mother Teresa or not, Fiorella thinks the word has been been over-applied. A while ago, an ARWA friend of hers was accused of being a big-time bully because she made a clever remark about an anonymous contest entry she was judging. Stupid, stupid, stupid. No one was hurt, no one died, no one even knew. The accuser, who raised a big hullabaloo over nothing, was the bully.

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