Friday, April 13, 2012

Former Agent

About ten years ago, Fiorella acquired a literary agent. She was a part-time author who had just been turned down on her latest book. That should have been Fio's first clue, but instead, being Fiorella, she was sympathetic.

The second clue was that she admitted she didn't know anything about the romance market. The third clue was that she sent Fio's dark romance to Harlequin. The fourth clue was that she was unavailable for long stretches of time, taking care of sick relatives.

It was the fifth clue that did it--she couldn't sell anything Fio had written and couldn't give any suggestions as to what Fio could do to fix the situation.

Luckily, no contract had been signed. The parting was amicable.

But just think of all the wasted time.

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