Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Fiorella confesses that what she deserved was severe and painful indigestion, but what she got was a mild case of the burps and not being able to sleep until three in the morning. Classic over-caffeinization.

Her eyes kept glazing over as she was working on revisions of Princess of Bosque Bend yesterday so, since Fio doesn't drink coffee or tea, she decided to have a bite of chocolate to keep her alert. After all, she'd overbought for Easter, as usual, and had a cheap, off-brand one-pound bunny she needed to check out.

She checked it out for lunch, all afternoon, and supper. By bedtime she was still wide awake. She took a hot bath. She mentally reviewed Big Bang Theory. She counted sheep. Nothing worked. Finally she staggered downstairs and watched TV till her eyes began to close during commercials. Then she made her way back upstairs, finally able to get some rest.

But today's a new day. And there's still some of that bunny to go.

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