Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Luddite to the End

Fiorella is tired of new things.  No sooner does she get the hang of how one thing works than something else comes down the line.  Re: her blog.  She'd figured everything out she needed to know--by trial and error, of course, because Fio doesn't like to read instructions--and was doing just fine, perhaps even developing a little finesse, and then, dammit, a new template suddenly took over her screen.

I kid you not--out of the blue three days ago.  Without warning or instructions.

Fio struggled mightily, experimenting with fear in her heart, and she thinks she's mastered the thing without losing her four  years of daily musings, but she still wants her old template back.

Yeah, Fio's a first-born.  She clings to tradition.  

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